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Height:   6’2″
Weight:  180
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Brown


Shotgun Supporting Dir: Hannah Marks / Joey Powers
IX: The Quest for Sizable Truth Lead Wreckless Endeavors 
Mescalito Lead Gold Heart Entertainment
Dancing Scared Supporting TRI State Entertainment
Weekend Lead Eshwar Guntu (Bollywood)
30 Days Till Life Supporting Hollis Meminger
Got Balls Lead 48 Hr Film Festival
20 FT Close Lead Dir: Daniel DiBella
The O.C. Supporting Columbia Studios


The Following Co-Star Fox/Bonanza Productions
Limitless Co-Star CBS Productions
Brown Nation Co-Star Netflix
6 Ways to Defriendzone Bar Stud Funny or Die
30 Rock Guest Star NBC Productions
Team Toon Series Regular Cartoon Network
Monsters Inside Me Guest Star Animal Planet
New Yorkustan Lead Dir. Steven De Castro
Night Shift Lead Dir. Monty Savard
Criminology Supporting Dir. Monty Savard 
Kramped Leading Dir. Jonathan Toro


The Hard Problem Amal Quantum Theatre Pittsburgh
Ann or Other People Dr. Muhammad Broken Glass Theatre
Bad Boys Lurch Love Creek Productions
The Kong Show Airplane Passenger Lion Hearted Players
Spiked Heels Andrew Ron Millkie Studios
Dirty Paki Lingerie Mr. Singh Dir Aizzah Fatima
The Salad Nikhil Dir: Prithia Gowda
Merchant on Venice Yoga Dir: Farah Bala



Commercial/Print Work

Available Upon Request



HB Studio Michael Beckett  
New York Conservatory Alice Spivak  
Meisner Technique Ron Millkie  



Special Skills

Speak Fluently – Hindi and English. Accents – Indian, Middle Eastern & British, Tae Kwon Do, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Improv, Comedy, Stand up, Accents, Running, Tennis, Track & Field, Modeling, Promotions, Public Speaking