Vinny Anand and Tracy Morgan

Vinny Anand is an Actor, Writer, Comedian but most importantly… overall nice guy 🙂 He began his career as a comedian and transitioned into Acting/Writing when he realized he wasn’t very funny. Fortunately, he has become funnier now and does stand up at comedy clubs throughout NYC. As an Actor, Vinny has been on NETFLIX’s Brown Nation, CBS’s LIMITLESS and NBC’s 30 Rock. Most recently, Vinny played INDIAN GUY #3 in a Feature film called SHOTGUN, ok so maybe he didn’t play INDIAN GUY #3 but he was in SHOTGUN and played a professor.

Writing was something Vinny was always passionate about, but he never took it seriously until he watched OFFICE SPACE and cried at Mike Judge’s genius. If you don’t know who Mike Judge is please exit my website now, unless you would like to hire me then please don’t leave yet. Vinny started a production company that is currently pitching half hour comedies and digital content to buyers across the Industry. Feel free to stay on my website a while, it’s a free country, well… anyway- no politics on my bio page please.

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